Contractual farming

صادر البطاطس شمال السودان

Contractual Farming

In Rasiat, our concern is the human being, the human being of this good land, whether indirectly by maximizing the benefits of agriculture, or directly by forging smart partnership contractual partnerships: (Farms – agricultural projects and smart partnerships with the private sector), So that everyone wins.
Contractual agriculture is one of the most important formulas in agricultural transactions to protect the rights of small farmers, to develop private sector capital and to generate foreign exchange returns for Governments, and is therefore welcome by all, and one of the most widespread agricultural formulas around the world.
In Rasiat, we are interested in the Contract Farming Project in its partnership of cereal and vegetable farming with a view to providing products for export and import substitution.
The project is characterized by the ability to expand horizontally and vertically, which means more opportunities, more revenue, more upgrading and climbing the stair towards sufficiency and the global market, through crops and shrubs.

The project aims to:

Improving the livelihoods of small farmers
Supporting producers and developing used technologies
Improving access to local and global markets
Meeting the market need with high quality products and food safety standards
Development and development of products while ensuring their continuity in quantity and quality
Exploiting the potential of agricultural industrialization by providing raw materials from agricultural products

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