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Welcome to Rasiat Corporation

Rasiat is one of the Export Development Group subsidiaries that working in the field of developing the agricultural sector through the advancement of projects and modern irrigation systems using agricultural technology in all operations to increase productivity and ensure the quality of agricultural products and provide commodities for export with high specifications while providing all agricultural services, cold storage and other technical services.

Our Schemes

An agricultural scheme with an area of 30,000 feddans in River Nile State. The project focuses on the cultivation of potatoes, the sustainability of its production, and the localization of the seeds.

An agricultural scheme extending over an area of 46,000 acres in the northern state
It produces the finest types of green fodder such as alfalfa, rhodes and silage.

The first phase was implemented in Shendi city, which has a capacity to store 10 thousand tons. The scheme serves export activities, food processing and product sustainability.

The greenhouse scheme is in the city of Giad, southward of Khartoum, and aims to achieve abundant production of commodities that require special conditions in order to provide them locally