Greenhouse scheme

Green House Scheme

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Agriculture in greenhouses in Sudan is one of the modern agricultural techniques adopted by Rasiat company as part of its policies aimed at localizing and developing the agricultural sector in Sudan.

It is the process of producing agricultural crops by non-traditional means in special facilities in order to protect them from unsuitable weather conditions, such as cultivation inside tunnels or plastic houses or greenhouses with a controlled indoor climate (glass or fiberglass).

This technology provides a guarantee of heating in winter or cooling in summer, as well as proper moisture control, and protection of plants from cold and hot air currents and rain.

Greenhouse agriculture is characterized by the possibility of producing agricultural crops outside their regular seasons, such as the production of summer crops in the winter season or early production,

In addition to increasing production by protecting the crop from weather conditions and providing appropriate production environment for it, in addition to saving irrigation water by up to 60% of the water used in traditional agriculture.

Scheme Location

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