Algimma Agricultural Scheme

Alqimma Agricultural Scheme

River Nile State - Sudan

Al Qimma Agricultural Scheme is located 170 km northward of Khartoum. And 40 km eastward of Shendi city. 

Over area of 30,000 acres, The project produces many crops such as: potatoes, potato seeds, onions, melons, cantaloupe, peanuts, and other crops.

Scheme Goals

Developing agricultural and horticultural production for export.
Upgrading and developing of ranches, farming and irrigation systems.
Development and improvement of infrastructure in the agricultural field.

صادر البطاطس من السودان
نظام الري المحوري بمشروع القمة الزراعي بالسوداني

High efficacy

Through a series of agricultural and engineering policies and through a productive strategic partnership with agricultural societies at all levels, we are proud of an unprecedented level of production for the land.

Product sustainability

With the presence of the cold stores of Rasiyat company in the northern state, we contribute to the sustainability of agricultural products throughout the year in addition to maintaining the quality of products thanks to the ideal storage conditions.

التخزين المبرد للبطاطس بالسودان

Scheme Location

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