About Rasiat

Rasiat is one of the Export Development Group subsidiaries that working in the field of developing the agricultural sector through the advancement of projects and modern irrigation systems using agricultural technology in all operations to increase productivity and ensure the quality of agricultural products and provide commodities for export with high specifications while providing all agricultural services, cold storage and other technical services.


Developing the economics of agricultural wealth through: rational agricultural production utilizing modern technologies.


Regional leadership for agricultural services and products with global standards

General Objectives

Development of agricultural and horticultural production for export.

Development and improvement of agricultural infrastructure.

Advancement of agricultural services and farm development.

Ownership and development of agricultural enterprises and entry into direct and contractual farming operations.

Technology settlement and import substitution.

Entering into smart and strategic partnerships.

Adopting and applying state-of-the-art systems, standards and knowledge exchange.

Our Schemes

Algimma Agricultural Project

West Dongola Project

Cold Storage Project

Greenhouse Project

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