Cold Storage Project

التخزين المبرد الجاف - شندي
التخزين المبرد الجاف

The largest cold store in Sudan with a storage capacity of 10 thousand tons.
The first phase was implemented in Shendi, River Nile State, northern Sudan, which is capable of storing 10,000 tons as part of the project’s strategy for potato production for export and food processing.
It aims to provide innovative and economic solutions that represent an added value to the process of producing and exporting Sudanese horticultural crops.

The scheme provides marketing services to the investors’ farmers’ products as means of sorting, grading and packaging crops and works to increase the marketing efficiency of agricultural products and reduce losses in marketing operations.
Maintains the availability of these crops fresh throughout the year so that Alqimma agricultural project achieves its goal for which it was established and contributes to replacing imports and increasing exports.

التخزين المبرد للبطاطس بالسودان
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