Agricultural Services

At Rasiat, we do not have a slightest doubt that agriculture as it is (schedules), it is an integrated process, it does not start from preparation and does not end with export, and if part of it is broken, the rest of the field suffers with dryness and yellowing. Therefore, we paid special attention to agricultural services, not only to our projects, but we are working to convey all this superintendence to the rest of the agricultural projects in all parts of Sudan. Through this bundle, we aim to provide distinguished services in terms of quality and speed of performance to implement modern technical conglomerations in the finest way, while providing innovative solutions.

Service Features

  • A robust and huge fleet of tractors and agricultural equipment.
  • The ability to cover vast areas in the irrigated and rainy sectors.
  • The finest cutting-edge and specialized equipment to ensure product quality and vertical and horizontal expansion in agriculture.
  • Implementation of operations according to scientific standards under full technical supervision.
  • Providing highly trained and qualified crews.
  • Providing consultancy in various forms of agricultural operations.
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